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Thread: Which Kynar wires For Wiikey 2 install

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    Which Kynar wires For Wiikey 2 install

    Hey Guys quick question. Ive been looking around and seeing different opnions but i need a definite answer.

    The wires needed for soldering a wiikey 2 in your wii?

    Ive heard kynar 22 awg for ground and the other points kynar 30 awg.

    Then ive heard use kynar 30 awg for all points including ground.

    Someone let me know the correct method. Thanks

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    Vancity Mods sold me the wiikey 2 with all 30 gauge kynar....It works well

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    Anyone else Confirm this? 30 awg Kynar used for all points on wiikey2?

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    I used all 30 awg on all nine well.

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    I use 30AWG Kynar on the signals, 22 AWG solid wire for power and I directly solder the Ground pad on the chip to the ground pad on the drive board.

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    As my EE friend showed me mathimatically the difference between using the awg22 and awg30 is so minimal it can be neglected.

    However from a practical standpoint especially with the wiikey2, its a good idea to use awg22 or at least double up the awg30 for the gnd and pwr. Gnd directly is good as well, as you're aiming for gnd wire to be the shortest possible.
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