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Thread: Lego Star Wars Black Screen

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    Lego Star Wars Black Screen

    Looking for a reason why lego star wars won't work. I have 4.2u modded wii. USB Loader gx. Rev 17 Ios 249.

    I load the game and it black screens. I have re-burned it twice now. Same thing.
    I tried using Ios 249 v20, no difference.

    I am having similar trouble with lego batman and Fire Emblem.

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    You say you are using gx but have burned the game twice??? Do you mean added game twice to hd? Try using neogamma to see if usb loading is working then change usb loader from gx to another one.

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    I loaded the game once, tried it. Didn't work.
    Deleted the game. Loaded the game again. Tried it again. It didn't work.

    I have 50 games on here. These three are the only ones not working.

    I have updated my wii to support games like NSMB, Monster Hunter Tri, and Red Steel II

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    Have you tried running them from a different cios 222, 223, 224?

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    That worked for Lego Star wars (222)

    Fire Emblem however starts but when I make my first attack is says "Game Error, Eject the disc balh blah blah"

    And lego batman just loads with the little bat symbol when I hit start.

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    Fire Emblem "Game Error Eject the Disc"

    The game starts up. Lets you start a new game. Then when you make your first attack. The screen goes black and this happens.

    I have tried running in it different IOS. I have a 4.2u wii, I have upgraded to make Monster Hunter Tri, NSMB, and Red Steel II run. I am running rev 17. Usb Loader GX.

    I am running the games on usb loader gx

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    Sounds like a bad rip.
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