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Thread: Help With HB and Backup Launcher

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    Help With HB and Backup Launcher

    Ok first off my Wii menu is version 4.1U and serial # is LU50228460 [1]

    I installed the homebrew channel. I then installed the homebrew browser by putting it on a SD card. I went onto the homebrew browser and downloaded DVDx v 3.4 and the Homebrew Disc Loader. I get the errors:

    Error 1030002011 installing DVD Stub ticket
    Error 1030002011 installing stub when trying to use the Homebrew Installer to run my burned game and also get an error when trying to install DVD 3.4x

    After I load the homebrew browser, am I supposed to keep my SD card in?

    I have read all about and watched many youtube videos about a Backup launcher/loader and NeoGamma and Wad. I am lost on how to get these. I wasn't sure if the Homebrew Disc Loader was right but it was the only thing that came up through the Homebrew Browser that looked relevant. If anyone could help or point me to a good tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Follow a softmod guide on WiiHacks and then we can support any questions you may have. Installing bootmii and hb doesnt mean your wii is softmodded and is able to run backiups.

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    Should I remove the homebrew I have installed and start with this tutorial? If so how is that done?

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    when I Click "Verify Sums" again, Select "UpdatePack.md5" i got 19 errors, is that correct?

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    Please ask any questions that you have in the guide you are following. It's just easier that way.


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