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Thread: Exception DSI with 1TB WBFS clone

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    Exclamation Exception DSI with 1TB WBFS clone

    I'm stumped. Same problem described here. I have a working setup with USB Loader GX and a 500GB drive (1 partition, WBFS). I used WBFS Manager 3.0.1 to clone the drive to a 1TB drive (1 partition, WBFS). When I plug in the 1TB drive and launch USB Loader GX, I get the Exception DSI black screen. So I tried installing CFG USB Loader. It freezes at the splash screen, or if I leave the drive unplugged until it starts counting down then plug it in, it will say OK! but freeze. So I tried installing WiiFlow. Same Exception DSI error as USB Loader GX.

    Is there something special I have to do to get a 1TB sized WBFS drive recognized? Both WBFS Manager and Wii Backup Manager see the drive fine along with all the games on it. I'm running IOS 249 v17 on 4.3.

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    Fix at

    The program errored out after removing the virtual CD partition but that was left the entire drive unformatted and I then used fat32format.exe and WBFS Manager as usual.

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