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Thread: How to Transfer ISO Games from WBFS Formatted HDD to New, Larger HDD

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    How to Transfer ISO Games from WBFS Formatted HDD to New, Larger HDD

    (Searched posts first but could not find answer for this issue...)

    Trying to transfer ISO games from my current WBFS formatted HDD to a new, larger gb HDD in order to add new backups but PC obviously does not read the WBFS formatted drive. For convenience, would like to have all games on 1 HDD instead of having to keep up with two separate ones. Is there a trick to doing this...plugged in current HDD to PC via USB port but just prompts me to format it (of course if I do all ISO games will be erased.)

    Not sure about partions...thought I did this when I first formatted HDD but it's been so long, I either don't remember or did not do it correctly. Isn't partioning supposed to allow PC to recognize drive so that you can add and/or delete backups whenever you need to via a WBFS manager? Confused.

    Does anyone know how to do this, if so how (step-by-step) and is there a recommended WBFS Manager program I need or other apps to do this with?


    (**Using Windows 7 & Wii 4.2u softmod, play games via HDD USB loader)

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    WBFS manager is what you are looking for..... you can transfer your iso's from wbfs to pc then to new hdd.....

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    I had the same 'problem' a few weeks ago.

    first let me tell you that I switched from WBFS-formatted to FAT32-formatted. Believe me it is a lot easier to work with FAT32 en wbfs-FILES on it. There also +/- 40 MB smaller than on your wbfs-formatted drive.

    To have FAT32 working on your usbloader, just search on this website and you will find the answer. I'm now on cfg usbloader 62a and ios249 (base 56) rev20 and ios250 (base57) rev20 and also the Hermes-ios's, but I don't use those last one to have my cfg usbloader running, in fact I only use ios249. To have FAT32 running, you really need Waninkoko's ios with rev 19 or 20, so just check to make sure it is the fact.

    Then to come back to your question, just google WiiBackupManager. Then as drive 1 select your wbfs-formatted drive (the program sees it and can read it) and as drive 2 select the FAT32 formatted drive. Then select all games and choose transfer - Drive 2.
    Then it will make a wbfs folder on the drive and starts adding the games without you manually need to place them on your computer.

    I don't now if the program can copy wbfs-format to wbfs-format, but believe me, switch to full FAT32 and all will become easier.

    Some remarks maybe: You need to format with a formatting program, because windows only allows ex-fat on large drives.
    Always add games with WiiBackupManager, because if you have a wbfs-files already, but it is larger than 4 GB, it will not be able to copy it to the drive. If you use WiiBackupManager it will split this automatically.

    Hope this helped you a bit. If you still have some questions, just tell me, everything is still fresh for me, so I can help you further with it.


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