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Thread: Wii Internal Memory

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    Wii Internal Memory

    I read somewhere that each save point of a Wii game takes up 256KB of memory - saving your progress in New Super Mario Bros, or your records data in Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, etc. I've also read that the Wii has an internal 512MB of memory in total, which means 2048 saves! Sounds like a lot. But I've started thinking about that. Is the 256KB per game, or per save - E.g. New Super Mario Bros allows up to 4 game save slots, which would then us 1MB of data. Does each save/game use exactly 256KB, or is that the maximum each is allowed to use? Does the Soft-modding process occupy any of the 512MB? What about Channels?

    512MB on my PC doesn't feel very big at all - in practice do I need to be careful about how much I save to my Wii, and is there a way to delete any of this information if it does get full?

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    yes you can delete
    you can move to sd card if need be
    some games are more (the memory is in blocks, some are 1 block (or so, like NSMBW) while others are 123 blocks (SSBB) etc
    or you could emulate the nand and have more space if you're softmodded
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    I'd like to know as well. I got about 800-900 blocks free I think. I also made quite a bit of game channels, and have tons of games that have been saved. So I know I'm loosing it fast, and was thinking about save data and how it's stored. Any way to save to SD? What about a way to get more pages for the system menu? To add more channels?


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