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Thread: Drivekey no worky...?

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    Drivekey no worky...?

    Hi all,

    New to the site and the drivekey. I installed the chip just fine. I can play regular games no problem and the drivekey menu comes up no problem. I can make any changes I want through the drivekey menu and they are accepted. I am currently at the default settings in the menu. I've tried burning a few ISO's with no luck. I thought the initial problem had to do with my crappy Memorex DVD-R's so I just received a new bundle of Verbatim's. These are supposedly the good Verbatims in the blue and orange packaging with the AZO coating. So far the ISO's are still not working when burned. I have tried burning with NERO as well as IMGBURN with no luck. I have been burning at 4x each time. I was going to test rip a game I own to ISO to see if that made a difference (maybe the image I got before was bad) but IMGBURN doesn't recognize the disc!

    Any help is greatly appreciated...!

    Thanks in advance!

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    It is possible that you have a newer wii dvd drive that can not read burned dvds.
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    I knew there was something I forgot to post. My drive chip is a D1A. I checked my serial and the unit was supposedly manufactured in 2006. Sorry I forgot that!

    Also, my Wii firmware is 4.3u
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    Are the iso's in the region of the wii? 4.2/4.3+ will only play in region game iso's. Also, ensure the iso's are not fakesigned, possibly from scrubbing, you can only play officially signed iso's.
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    Yeah...I know that's the trick...unfortunately I'm not sure of anything to do with these ISO's. I was hoping to test with one of my own games, but IMGBURN won't recognize the disc when I put it in the DVD drive of my computer.

    Very frustrating...

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    Is your ISO'S NTSC or PAL? It's not IMG Burn not recognize your disc, it's the drive. You need a special dvd drive to read the wii disc. If I were you , I would double check eveything installed and if you are in th US and make sure the ISO is NTSC.

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    I just ordered a LG DVD Rom drive to read the discs so that mystery should hopefully be solved. Otherwise, the main problem I'm having now is trying to update my drivekey through the dkprog device. The device seems to work fine as it pulls my serial number from the chip fine, however the number comes up as invalid when entering it to d/l the firmware from the drivekey site.

    I have emailed drivekey and am awaiting a response to see if there's something wrong with their site, or the drivekey I purchased.

    In regards to the ISO's I only downloaded ISO's that listed themselves as "USA" as that's where I am, and avoided the postings that listed themselves as "scrubbed" as they don't work with drivekey from what I've read here.

    Thanks for the comments everyone...keep em coming with any ideas!


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    All Wiis say "2006"; how old is the unit? You bought it in 2006 or merely it's reported as 2006. PM me your serial if you don't want it publicly posted.

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    I can give you the beginning which should be enough right? It starts with LU55.

    I bought it in january of 2008.

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    Drivekey now worky after a lot of fiddling around everything seems to be working much better now. I figured out the images I was trying to burn (at least most of them) were converted PAL images that wouldn't work with my Wii (4.3u). So basically here's where I'm at:

    - Drivekey installed and firmware updated (2.0)
    - Wii is now also softmodded and Wii firmware downgraded to 4.1u
    - Burning to nice Verbatim DVD's @ 4x
    - All seems good with the world (Wii-wise at least)

    Yay me...

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