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Thread: PAL NFS Underground on NTSC Black Screen

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    Ca PAL NFS Underground on NTSC Black Screen

    Anyone having troubles getting NFS Underground (PAL) to work on NTSC? I have a D2PRO with the 2.3 firmware and Disc Utility 1.7. My Wii has 3.4u on it but every other game works NTSC, PAL, both backed up or original.

    Any ideas or fixes out there? I just get a black screen. I'm sorry ahead of time if someone posted this already but i didn't find it when I searched...

    Thanks to anyone who can help... BTW I'm pretty new at this so if you do know how to fix it lot of detail would really help me

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    search error #002 here
    get the download
    install via wad manager

    if u dont understand anything above


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