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Thread: i need help something is wrong with my hardrive when i add a game??

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    i need help something is wrong with my hardrive when i add a game??

    hey i need help with the WFBS manager ... idk why its a problem now when it wasnt before... when i add a game onto my hardrive... it loads and when it goes all the way it goes operation complete and then it freezes when i click ok and it says "there was an error trying to load the hardrive and that maybe i didnt connect it" something like that and the game doesnt go in my hardrive =/ i appreciate any help and solution to this wicked problem...

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    have you tried other versions of WBFS manager?
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    i mean yeah and its pretty much the same crap here is what happened i think i was tryin to copy a game from another hardrive to mines and in the middle of the process i think it froze so i shut down the program and restarted my CPU and then i tried to add a game into it and when it says "added entry (which is the game in iso file) is complete".... i click ok and then an error pops up and says there was a problem loading up a hardrive and then i click ok and it doesnt add my game =/ so i format it and after like 7 games get added sucessfully i try to add another and time after time it fails it says there was a problem with loading the yeah =/


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