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Thread: Upgrading the Hard Drive:

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    Upgrading the Hard Drive:

    I recently soft moded my wii with HBC via twilight hack. Just got this Wii and I have two questions about the hard drive.

    1. Just how big(or should I say small) is the hard drive in it? I put like 5 or 6 Wii Ware on it and now it says system memory is full....ALREADY?!?!

    2. Can you replace the hard drive with one, like maybe a laptop hard drive?

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    512 mb *100% serious*

    nope, even if u could there are hard ware limits xD i mean the SD card is 2 gigs, and if u could do that, we wouldnt have mod chips XP

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    So how big is the hard drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    512 mb *100% serious*

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    You got to be shiting me? So over priced. Can you do any kind of hard mod besides mod chips to it?

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    thats not the hard drive its the mother board xD

    "Memory / Storage

    * RAM Installed ( Max ) 512 MB"

    Nintendo Wii specs and Console specifications - CNET Reviews

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    nintendo doesn't have a "hard drive" like the Xbox and PS3

    only hard drive I have seen was from that thread that talked about the Wii in hospitals that seems to load games from an external hard drive

    I am sure nintendo could implent an external hard drive for everyone, but I doubt it, they will probably just use SD cards more instead
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    like i said, they announced they would allow people to boot stuff like VC off memory cards, so they can buy more games, the added SD stuff, is proof of that

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    Does anyone know if there is external drive support yet? Anyone working on it? Is it even possible?

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    you can load videos, but nothing else


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