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Thread: Old Wii updated to 4.3

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    Old Wii updated to 4.3

    I want to mod my nephews wii for christmas. It was bought about a year ago and was recently updated to 4.3u. I know it used to have 4.2, because that's what it had when I first began looking into modding it.
    I don't know if anything is possible. I read the post on soft modding and it says I have to go buy the indiana jones game. Is there anything else I can do? Maybe back it up to 4.2. Please help.

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    Nope. You have to do exactly as the guide says if you have a virgin 4.3...including track down one of the necessary games. Nobody has came out with a gameless exploit like Bannerbomb for 4.3 yet.
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    Thanks for the help.


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