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    Ios stub

    I have totally mucked things up!...I softmodded my Wii v4.3u, using mauifrogs' hack guide (awesome)! Everything worked great, but some of the backup discs didn't work. So I purchased a HDD, I used the FAT32 & NTSF formats, loaded a game on it, clicked on the Configurable USB channel, and I got IOS 249 stub, also tried to load from Loadmii, but it froze up...I searched on here for info on unstubing the IOSs, and I guess I didn't use the proper search phrase, because I was unable to find help. Therefore, this newbie decided to remove the SD card, reformat it, and load the backup files (bootmii, nand, and keys) onto the SD card. I inserted the SD card into the Wii, loaded the Homebrew channel, clicked bootmii, and I get the SD cards on the screen (Wii, Homebrew, SD, etc.), but I can't move to each one, it just freezes on the screen. I am so lost, and I wanted to know should I just start from step 1 on mauifrogs' hack guide, and just completely softmod my Wii again, or is there an easier way? We can still play games & watch Netflix on our Wii, so it's not a total loss, but disc are a big prob with my small kids! PLEASE HELP!!!

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    No need to restore your nand, nor do you want to do this with bootmii as IOS. Just remod with the any wii guide in my sig. You must have missed a step befor as Maui's guide removes your stub and you should end uo with cIOS249(38)rev17.
    Read the guide thoroughly befor starting. Start with a SD card (2GB or less) correctly formatted to Fat32.

    By the way, I don't think your bootmii screen froze, you have to use the power/reset buttons to navigate, or a GC controller if you have one. Good luck.

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    Thank you so much! I have been at this for 3 days, and my brain hurts! LOL!...Thanks again!


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