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Thread: system files corrupt/no homebrew

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    system files corrupt/no homebrew

    right this is a strange one after using dopmii to install a fakesign iso i now have a wii with the system menu corrupted.i have preloader installed i use boot dol to try and install hbc but it fails im running ios36 system menu 4, says after i try to install......error 1030002011 installing ticket istallation failed.
    any ideas

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    Firstly, how is bootmii installed and what is the serial number of the console.

    Can you still run dopmii from priiloader?

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    hi thanks for the prompt reply i installed the homebrew etc a long time ago via the twilight hack so im unsure how the boot mii was installed the serial no. for the wii is leh23293589 im not sure how to run the apps like dop mii wad maneger etc in preloader

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    What IOS did you patch first of all?

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    Sounds like he reinstalled his system menu IOS while preloader was installed. This causes issues.....if that's whats happened you can follow the priiloader/preloader brick fix guide to fix it.
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    hi guys i updated the ios to the r49v 70 ios the new backups would then work in neo gammer but the original games wouldnt work normally via the normal disc channel can someone post a link for the preloader issues plz many many thanks guys

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    Talking Ty ty ty

    many many many thanks for all your help and posts guys ive thanked you all i used the priiloader/preloader fix and now my wii is all singing and dancing again the only problem which im not bothere is that i can only play games via noegammer the disc channel wont load games even originals................ty all again


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