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Thread: 6 Noobie Questions

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    Arrow 6 Noobie Questions

    1- you are in the pal zone,got a modchip, downloaded any game, for taking no risks is it right to follow theese steps: first run brickblock, then run regionfrii on iso
    or is there any other thing i can do to avoid brick (except avoiding to update from games from other regions)

    2- what are the ways of updating the firmware except updating from game dvd

    3- is online gaming available with a modchipped wii and burned dvd

    4- is modchip alone enough, do i need to install twilight or any other crap

    5- oh by the way i dont have an sd card yet, would i be fine without it

    6- do you guys prefer paying or hacking opera

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    -.- no one seems to read

    1 there are many steps, regionfrii isnt needed, i repeat isnt needed, it was needed befor when modchips required extra wires for region free, or games that didnt work, because there are some... just brick block, or block via the chip since most do that anyways

    2 via a homebrew program, or via online update only the latest for the latter

    3 Yes, but theres like 12 games with wifi, and the ones people play are like 4 of them, why do people ask, wifi is one of the biggest things wii lacks xD

    4 yes it is, but i would recomend having it in case the worst happens, and gecko OS for things like cheating, and booting unsupported games

    5 with only a modchip yes, only HBC requires it, without hbc its worthless

    6 thats not really a question... but you need twilight for that, if you have firmware 3.2 you can just install twilight with a simple ISO, and then get a SD card, and install all the wiiware, VC, and stupid side programs you want

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    you are unbelievable. thank you so much. that have been incredibly helpful !!

    so here i go with another 4

    1- twilights extension is .iso right?

    2- can you give me a link for twilight please ( please just dont say use the search function, that leads me to off topic destinations or dead links)

    3- so i suppose an internet browser comes with twilight ?
    i just need to install twilight into the sd card and run it then?

    4- how many gigs is optimum for sd card ? ( im gonna buy one )

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    twilight hack is a Save
    twilight the game is a disc or a iso
    and the installer for the HBC is a iso depending on what u do

    go on

    nope twilight is just a hacked save for homebrew, since it needs twilight princess

    2 since its the max

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    thank you again. you cant believe how much you helped me.


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