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Thread: cIOS Installer for 4.3U

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    cIOS Installer for 4.3U (Resolved)

    Is there a cIOS Installer that will work with my 4.3U Wii? (If all else fails, I guess I could downgrade, but I'd rather save that for a last resort.) I'm trying to dump one of my Wii games onto my computer using the Wi-Fi method, but so far none of the cIOS Installers I've tried work.

    (I have the Homebrew Channel using the Smash Stack method.)

    I tried the "Custom IOS Installer" with the "WiiGCN Wifi Backup v4" pack, but I got a "hash BAD" message before it closed and returned to the HBC main screen. Then I tried both the "cIOSX-rev20b-Installer" and the "cIOS38r17-Installer," but they both freeze after I choose a IOS to install it on and try pressing the A button to accept.

    Are there any simple solutions to this at all?
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    Simply follow one of the guides in the Recommended Guides section for full softmod instructions.
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    I started working on the 4.3 Softmod Guide by mauifrog not too long after posting this thread, and everything seems to be working perfectly. I was hoping for an easier fix, like a simple cIOS Installer download, but it seems like it's not that easy for a 4.3U, lol. Oh well, that's what I get for updating without knowing about its problems first.


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