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Thread: 6.20 HEN to be released next week

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    6.20 HEN to be released next week

    A PSP (Playstation Portable) kernel exploit found by Total_Noob is to be released sometime between December 20-24 on It is for firmware 6.20.
    This exploit is to be loaded through the HBL (Half-Byte Loader). The HBL can be loaded through the (free) Patapon 2 demo.
    A HEN (Homebrew ENabler) has been coded to this exploit which will allow homebrew to be launched from the XMB (PSP menu).

    Total_Noob's blog

    Updates are on Total_Noob's blog.
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    i remember reading about the 6.31 hbl and some 1 posted that the 6.20 has not been hacked so the 6.31 will not be done untill the 6.20 has been done 1st thats wy i had to get a pandora battery but looks like the work will be getting started on the 6.31 seems the 6.20 has finely been sorted. not to worry for me now i have downgraded from 6.31 to 5.00mm3-6
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