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Thread: Auto booting homebrew channel

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    Auto booting homebrew channel

    I think I have found a way to recover a console using an auto boot to the HBC. Is there a file anywhere I can put on my SD card so I skip the Wii menu and go straight to the homebrew channel?

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    i recall there being one, but its the same as running the twilight princess, and the twilight hack =x

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    Think of it as being somewhat like BootMii. It skips the Wii menu and goes directly towards HBC. You do not know how much I need this for my Wii is bricked due to a corrupted file and if I can delete I think I'll be ok. I really need this and then It can help others with the same problem........

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    if you dont have the twilight hack installed, then youre basicly SOL, since i believe its 100% needed to fix it =x

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    I already have it installed. I need a file that skips going to the Wii menu XD

    Meaning Power on> Then Homebrew channel. I have had twilight hack since like 4 months ago.

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    direct boot Twilight princess + savemii = good to go, if i recall

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    Just insert my TP game and go to the SaveMii screen?

    EDIT: That does not work. I need a file.
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    Try using the gamecube controller method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisChown View Post
    Try using the gamecube controller method.
    This is the method I have been using. I am not spending 60$ on a product I can basically get the effects of for free.


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