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Thread: Semi Bricked?

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    Semi Bricked?

    My wii was hacked back in the day with the twilight hack. i got some bad advice recently on how to update the firmware to run newer games. I removed homebrew and backup loader and ran the format utility on the wii and then tried to run the online update utility which fails.

    The settings menu says it now has firmware 4.3u but wont update as I mentioned. I guess it got that off one of the newer games we tried to play.

    The current softmods from 4.2 dont work. I havent tried the SSBB/Lego Indiana Jones hacks yet. I first wanted to get good advice before trying anything more.

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    do you have anything homebrew related left? forwarder? channel that'll load homebrew? boot2 (priiloader was wiped out)
    if not, you'll have to try the game exploits
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    You have to softmod it with the 4.3 method.
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