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Thread: WiiFlow 2.2 Wad issues...

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    WiiFlow 2.2 Wad issues...

    I searched trying to find an answer, but I did not find one. I've tried several things, but I'm at my wits end.

    First off, I am pretty new at this and am still learning, so forgive me.

    I softmodded a Wii, and just loaded Just Dance 2. It wouldn't work, so I did research and found out I had to update Wii Flow. I did, and it worked -- However, here is my new issue:

    I installed Wiiflow as a channel via Wad Manager. When I downloaded the new 2.2 files off the wiiflow website, I could only get it to work on the SD card via HBC. When I delete all the old WAD files and installed, what said to be 2.2, new wad files for wiiflow, it loads up as 1.1

    How can I get the channel to display the current wiiflow 2.2? I deleted all the files and reloaded.. I just don't understand.

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    try a forwarder
    it'll load what you have on the sd or usb hdd
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    I had the same problem today, managed to find a 2.1a2 ver of wiiflow in the above link, which works fine - thanks to Ithian and Krank.
    There is also a link there for forwarders, just follow the guide.
    use the wiiflow one for whichever cIOS you are using (222 or 249)

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