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Thread: Updating my Wii- is it safe for me?

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    Updating my Wii- is it safe for me?

    Hey guys,

    I've done some messing around with my PAL Wii in recent months and I want to be able to update my wii safely again.

    I've done the following:

    -Installed the homebrew channel with the twilight hack.
    -Reverted back to 3.2E with AnyRegion Changer
    -Used the same programme to change my wii shop channel to the us one, then I downloaded world of goo and secret of mana. (I later changed this back)
    -Using Starfall I installed the region free channels option.
    -Secret of Mana wouldn't work so had to go through a lengthy process of editing the wad and changing the video mode of the game- eventually got that working too.
    -Installed DVDX to enable dvd playing function.

    I haven't updated my wii since then, as I obviously don't want to brick my Wii. I've heard that updating it would delete my world of goo/mana channels- is this the case?
    And what do I need to do for it to be safe to update my wii again?

    Thanks guys- looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

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    yeah its safe, but lets think


    3.2 is the best, and guess what you can install all the features of up to 3.4 if you look around and play with homebrew more =\

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    Hm, that's true I suppose. I have enjoyed the homebrew stuff so far!
    But if I were to update, you think it'd be safe? Would it not delete world of goo and/or mana?

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    no, why do people think these updates are magical

    a fake wiiware game, a real wiiware game, and all of that, are the same, nintendo cant just go "fake fake fake GONE!" the thing it gets rid of is twilight hack

    I REPEAT from this 10 other times ive said it

    =\ if you really want a udpated mii channel, to use a usb keyboard so much, then please update, but im sure youll have a issue and want to downgrade =\

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    Ok, thanks.
    I don't think they're magical- I just wanted to make sure that there would be no brick-causing conflicts between any of the modifications I've made to the wii's OS.

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    legally nintendo cant kill your machines, just like legally you cant, mod it


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