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Thread: USB HDD patiioning: NTFS & HBC

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    Ca USB HDD patiioning: NTFS & HBC

    I was reading the tutorial on NTFS partitons on USB drives. I noticed according to the FAQ (yes, I read it!) that HBC can't load apps from the NTFS partiton.

    My current drive is set up as FAT32 and WBFS, and one of the reasons I like it set up this way is that I can have WiiFlow on the FAT32 side...and it is not available (to the kids) if I remove the HDD. (I keep my Homebrew tools on the SD card, tucked away, so that curious minds wont be tempted to....well you know...). That' why I like having Wiiflow on the FAT32 partition.

    Knowing this, I either have to have 3 options for partitions (1Tb drive):

    - FAT32 and WBFS
    - FAT32 and NTFS.
    - FAT32

    I'm leaning to the FAT32/NTFS setup so that I can avoid file size issues. As mentioned, I still need a FAT32 partition for HBC app.

    Any reason I shouldn't go that route?


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    If you only want the loader on the hdd you can go whole drive to ntfs...(and when you need to use extra apps you can use sd cant do anything)

    you can always get a forwarder that looks for the boot.dol on ntfs hdd(nforwarder 58) and make your own channels for the apps on the hdd....

    if you split FAT32 first, NTFS second

    dont use wbfs.....

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    Ca Good to Go

    Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
    if you split FAT32 first, NTFS second
    That's what I planned on doing, and that seems to work just fine the way I need it to. the only thing I had to do for some reason (NTFS compatibility?) was switch from Wiiflow222 to WiiFLow249. WiiFLow222 was working - sort of - but would lock up when I tried to set the partition to NTFS1 (I ended up just editing the refernces in the .INI file), but there were still issues. Wiiflow249 works flawlessly, and the wireless internet (cover art) is much faster (note to self...hmm I wonder if this (249) could improve WiiMC buffering??). As a side note, CFG works fine as well, but requires the SD card biggie. I have noticed that CFG seems a bit slower at populating cover art, but thats not anything to do with my original question, just an observation.

    At any rate, my Seagate 1Tb (FreeAgent GoFlex Desk) drive is working just fine. Thanks.



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