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Thread: Trucha Bug with USB Loader GX and rev 17?

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    Question Trucha Bug with USB Loader GX and rev 17?

    Well I am a bit new to soft mods for the wii I did have a homebrew and usb loader on a 4.2U wii but I don't have that one anymore. So I bought a used one off the bay works great but its 4.3U so I'm going to rent Indiana Jones soon so I can put homebrew on it. But to my question since homebrew ways and installation has "updated" a bit can I use the newest Trucha Bug ( with the newest version of USB Loader GX? Also I will still have to install rev 17 and if so how do I do that?

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    The newest Trucha bug? The Trucha bug is the Trucha bug...It hasn't changed. Why not just follow the 4.3 guide on here?
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