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Thread: Gamecube Backups not working

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    Gamecube Backups not working

    I followed the softmod any wii tutorial and now my wii is softmodded and great except for playing gamecube backups. I installed darkcorp along with doing the tutorial for "How to play gamecube backups". I installed mIOS v4 with wiigator on ios249 and it was successful. I got it to load a luigis mansion backup once, but now it keeps giving

    Failed to read dvd 650
    Error 0x31100

    I made a youtube video that shows what happens.
    YouTube - Wii Gamecube Backup Error
    Anybody have any ideas?


    Would posting a syscheck help? I'm really out of ideas here.
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    I know you guys hate bumps, but I'm still lost here. Anything I could do to help you diagnose this?

    This is for posterity:
    Added this miospatcherv10.rar
    When it starts, it uses GC Backup Launcher .2
    luigis mansion by pressing start(reloader)
    other games with B (forcing custom mios)
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