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Thread: I can only see the first post in my thread?

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    Question I can only see the first post in my thread?

    I have only noticed this in one thread. I can only see my post, not the replies to my thread. I wouldn't even have known there was a reply if I hadn't received an email about it. Upon viewing the thread I only see the first post. If I click Reply, I can scroll down past the reply box and see the list of replies (the most recent first), but I can't see them when I am viewing the thread normally.

    Is this intentional? A problem with my browser? Or what?

    I just thought maybe I should report this in case it's something major.

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    try a different browser to see if it makes any difference

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    I've seen this more on IE8 in the last week on our site. There's a "ghost in the machine" ATM, lol.


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