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Thread: Launching Games via sd cards, posibble?

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    Launching Games via sd cards, posibble?

    Now i know we can run games via burned isos on dvds. But can we run them via isos on sd cards ?

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    and think about it, a game is 4.7gig so you would need at least an 8gig SDHC card to be able to run 1 game

    a lot cheaper to just burn the game on a DVD-R
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    yeah i kno it would. just wondered. thanks anyway.

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    nope never, nintendo thought about it for a while, thats why the wii has gimped HD space, maybe later once Wiiware gets bigger, but till then, they could careless they did mention SD loading LATER on, but thats it and only for wiiware/VC titles


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