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Thread: Can you watch free streaming movies on the wii?

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    Can you watch free streaming movies on the wii?

    Everyone knows that you can go online and watch just about every movie you can think of for free streaming. Is there any way to stream these movies to the wii? How about games?

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    I stream movie to my Wii from my computers usb hdd, using WiiMC and a wifi connection, it free. There may be ways of streaming online movies to your Wii for free, but is not easy to setup, and it's not mainstream yet. You could all ways break down and get a netfilx account and stream that to your Wii. No, you cannot stream your Wii games, but some emulators of old school consoles can stream the roms to your Wii from your computer.
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    Kind of related, I want to get Netflix app for Wii I have 4.1u can I do it without upgrading.

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