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Thread: Donkey Kong Country with Drivekey + Epic Mickey and Sonic Colours

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    Donkey Kong Country with Drivekey + Epic Mickey and Sonic Colours

    Hi all. Just to let people know, I tried all of these games with my drive key version 2 earlier and they are fine. None tried to install an update for me. I have updates set to ALL OFF.
    I got to about 6th level of Sonic Colours and defeated boss with no issues.
    I got a good 20 mins into Epic Mickey with no issues.

    Finally, Donkey Kong Country. I burnt all discs the same, but with this one, the game works fine but the Wii makes a lot of noise moving the disc laser about and constantly flicking about reading. Noisest game I have ever heard I think. I also noticed that when I went to load level 1-2 (might have been 1-3) and also 2-1, the game completely hangs for up to a minute or so then finally returns the PLAY icon so you can click to play. Not sure why it does this. It works when it does come up and other levels are fine.

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    donkey kong hangs for me too... not to sure about noise..

    some reason when it hangs i press the home key and than press it again to go back to the game and than it works

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    I have the same problem with DK country too. The game works fine, but the loading time was annoying.

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    Yeah the home button thing works for me too as it happens. Noticed that one day and forgot to post it. Quite a hard game Donkey Kong at times!


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