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Thread: Looking to buy a 360, but just wondering about a couple of things.

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    Looking to buy a 360, but just wondering about a couple of things.

    About how hard is it to hack the 360? The Wii was about as easy to hack as it is to write my name, but I saw that you require to open the 360. Just want to know if it's short and rather easy to do.

    Also, are there any up-to-date guides? Not asking for a link, just want to know if it exists, because looking through this site, didn't find anything, and I don't know if there's a 360 counterpart to this site.

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    its harder to hack the 360 than the wii u need a sata cable port in your pc for a start and yes u do need to take the disk drive out, but before breaking the microsoft seal heat it 1st with a hairdryer and it should peel off then u can just glue it back when your finished intact look google or youtube about hacking guides

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    the wii was a peace of cake to mod but the 360flash mod was way way wayyyy to much for me to get my head around.... i found a guy in the the that fixed me up for 25, the backups themselfs are very easy to make but i didnt like the idea of takeing my x360 apart myself


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