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Thread: Chip works once, then nothing

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    Chip works once, then nothing

    OK, so if my Wii is uplugged for 10 or minutes, I load a backup game and it loads and works fine. Without powering down, if I eject the disc and load another backup game, I get the error. If I power down, restart, and load a backup game, I still get the error. If I unplug power for 10 to 15 minutes and load up a backup, it plays fine again. I upgraded the chip to firmware 1.2.

    Any Ideas?

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    If you have fitted your chip with a WiiClip make sure there are no bent legs on the clip. If there is gently tease out to the centre a little with a TINY screw driver or similar to ensure a good contact between the legs on the clip and the legs on the main chip.

    Hope this helps


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    firmware 1.2 sounds like wiikey2.

    check if ur chip (/ clip) is genuine.

    like bigtone stated in case of wiiclip usage:
    check for bent pins and try refitting the clip.
    check if the right points are soldered.

    in case of direct soldering to the board:
    check for long wires.
    check for bad soldering.

    make sure you write your images using imgburn at 4x speed with verbatim/memorex-r to make sure that's not the problem.


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