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Thread: Wiikey Fusion SD loading

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    Wiikey Fusion SD loading

    I have been researching the Wiikey Fusion and have not found a direct answer to a question that has been bothering me. If you are loading ISOs from an SD card via the Fusion, do you need to softmod your Wii to play the ISO games properly or is the softmod just for playing physical DVD backups? My Wii is 4.3u.
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    Actually, I already gave that answer.

    If your wii is 4.2 or higher (that means also 4.3, you fall in here), if your wii detects the wiikey fusion, you will experience system halts until you remove the modchip. To fix the system halting, you will have to softmod the wii before installing the wiikey fusion again.

    As for playing backup discs of games, that depends on your wii drive. You check what drive you got when you install the wiikey fusion. DO NOT USE THE WII SERIAL NUMBER WEBSITE, it is a waste of time ESPECIALLY when you have your wii opened for installing the wiikey fusion.

    You compare what you got to this chart:

    If you don't know where to look on your wii drive for the model here is how:

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    Thanks for the reply! Have there been confirmed cases of the Wiikey Fusion being detected? It was my understanding that it was compatible with 4.3u.

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    Mine, did that with 4.2 and my black wii with 4.3. It did that with several other wiis by other people here complaining about the random system halts. If your system is 4.1 or lower, you don't have to softmod to use the wiikey fusion. (this is what you probably read then implied thinking it also applied to 4.2 and 4.3)

    4.2 and higher comes with anti hard/soft mod code to either remove channels like HBC or cause random system halts to make the user think the modchip (any they can detect) is the problem. Why would Nintendo remove that in 4.3 when it was in 4.2, thats poor understanding of how Nintendo thinks about the user base. It is the same way with sony, they will push an update just to screw you so you can't run something they don't approve of.
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    Hi, ok so I am new to this so bare with me.

    I have just installed the Wiikey Fusion into my black Wii (4.3E) the Fusion is update 1.4.

    I am not too fussed about loading from backed up physical DVDs, I will be happy to run ISOs from the SD.

    My problem is this: I can get to the GameCube channel, select the ISO using the reset button, the Wii resets and then I go to the Disk channel. The problem is it then says that there is an error reading the disk.

    I have PAL machine and the ISO is NTSC, thought that this should not make a difference. When I get home I will try a PAL ISO. If this does not work, does anyone have any recommendations on what might be going on?? Do I need to install homebrew??

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    Well since I am new to this too I can only relay info that I have read until my wiikey fusion gets here friday. First thing I noticed and it has been documented by the makers of wiikey is that you have 100% iso compatability when loading from SD when the iso region matches your wii's region. If the iso does not match there is a 60-80% compatability. So I would try an iso with the correct region for your wii. Also, make sure the dip switches on the wiikey fusion are in the correct position for your region. I also have a black wii with 4.3u so we will see how it goes this weekend, lol.

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    I have wii fiuson with 1.4 firmvare, installed softmode, SD card worked well. After installing usb loader i can't run it properly, i can select games, but after i push power putton it shuts down and do nothing, i tried run games over neogamma (R9 b47), launching games on DVD, i see my games on SD card and i can select them and my wii reboots but don't launtch any game.
    Wii meny is 4.1E

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    Backup disc loading is dependant on what hardware version of your disc drive not what version of your wii or wiikey fusion firmware. See the diagram in my first post to see where to look on the disc drive PCB.

    You are experiencing the system halting issues caused with the AP (Anti-Piracy) code in the 4.3. You have to softmod and remove the problematic parts of the 4.3 system. Once you do that, your wii will work without any issues.
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    When i first time installed wii fusion and softmode, it worked very well, there was no problem run backups from SD card. It worked about month, then i installed usb loader and after that i can't run backups from SD card. I can run games from usb stick but not from SD card.
    I formated Wii system memory to start install fresh softmode. I installed it, no errors, but can't run from sd card, i can select games but when i push power putton to run selected game, it turns my wii off and when i push power agaen it can't find disk, i must push eject twice, and it repeats continiously.
    Now i did't install usb loader.
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    If you can't access the SD, you most likely have wiigator installed. It is the only known softmod to directly affect the wiikey fusion. You have to either update it correctly or remove it to make the wiikey fusion correctly emulate the disc drive.

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