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Thread: Just bought Wii with 3.3e and am a bit confused..

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    Just bought Wii with 3.3e and am a bit confused..

    Like I said, just bought a Wii and it the firmware says 3.3E. I've been searching and about various versions of 3.3 i.e. version 2, etc but don't know how to determine what version of 3.3E I have (version 1 or 2)?

    Also, there are lot of threads about downgrading that I'm searching through but am not sure if downgrading is only possible if the disc previously had a different firmware on it and was upgraded? In other words, if my Wii came directly from the factory with 3.3E, can I still downgrade it to 3.2?

    Lastly, (sorry for all the questions!), if I want to be able to backup my games, do I need to downgrade to 3.2 or is there a backup loader that will work with 3.3e?


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    -.- whom ever keeps spreading that BS im getting sick of it, FOR THE 15th TIME THERE ARE 3 3.3's NOT 2, 3!

    it works with 3.3, but its not recomended, 3.2 is just the best, downgrade using canda's tut, and you should be fine


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