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Thread: burned games not working?

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    burned games not working?

    im using TDK DVD-r discs, i burn the iso on imgburn at 2x speed but every time i put a burned disc in it starts to load then i get this error message 'the disc could not read. please refer to the wii operations manual for details'

    can anyone help me with this? i am running neogamma R8 beta 15 IOS249 (rev 14)

    the games i have downloaded work fine on usbloader gx.

    hope someone can help me!


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    Could you make an effort to explain the need to have a copy from an untrusted source?
    Why didn't you back up your original games and don't have trouble with them.
    rev14 is outdated.
    recommended burning media are verbatims.
    did any game ever run on the wii?
    is your wii new/black/red? -> no burned disc will ever run.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    i played my backups about a year ago maybe longer when i first softmodded wii but cant get them to work, updated my neogamma from r7 but still not working

    what rev should i use?


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