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Thread: Epic Mickey disc error

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    Epic Mickey disc error

    Hi I keep getting disc error for Epic Mickey. I have tried using ios 56/57 cios 222, 223, 249 rev 4 with no help. I've search the forums and found no solution. Can anyone possibly give me a couple pointers on how to get it working?

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    update your cios 249 to 249 [57] rev 19 and use the latest loader you normally use and all games should work you will find the latest ios doing a search using the search bar above

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I updated to 249 (57) rev 19 and got the newest neogamma loader and I still get the same disc error message... Is there something else I can try?

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    Do other games work via disc?

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    Yes all my games from disc work, except for epic mickey...

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    Is anybody else having this problem? Or has anyone solved this problem before? Thanks....

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    i'm in the same boat. i tried the suggested NeoGamma out of region settings to no avail. still getting disc could not be read error

    4.3 wii
    cios rev 20 base 56
    NeoGamma R9 Beta 47
    Verbatim DVD-R

    Game works perfectly through USB Loader, so i assume nothing is wrong with the ios

    is anyone out there having luck with this?

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    Are you guys talking about the original game disk or a backup? If its a backup then you have a bad rip. Re-rip and re-burn at a slow speed using image burn.

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    Has anyone figured this out yet? Epic Mickey wont work from the original disc and won't backup to usb loader either. I'm running 4.1u softmod ios 236, but 249 & 250 also didn't work. Anyone know why?

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    I smell fail here, POLONASH. IOS 236 is simply a patched IOS 36. I suspect a bad execution with regard to your softmod (in other words, you did it wrong).

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