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Thread: cod world at war wii version

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    cod world at war wii version

    Is it just me or am I thinking the online multiplayer mode is nothing like the one for xbox 360 and PS3?

    Here is what i found on one wepage....

    Multiplayer Modes

    There are 2 categories of matches. They are :

    Core - The main mode of play.
    Hardcore - Weapons do more damage, and health does not regenerate. Limited HUD display as well.

    There are 10 modes of play. They are :
    Boot Camp - Team Deathmatch for people under level 8
    Team Deathmatch - 2 teams of six, score limit 750
    Free For All - No teams, every man for himself
    NEW! Capture the Flag - Capture the flag and bring it back to your base for +50 points. (unlocked at level 14)
    War - Similar to Domination but you must capture the points in order. (unlocked at level 14)
    Domination - Dominate the 3 control points the longest to win. (unlocked at level 14)
    Sabotage - Plant explosives at the enemy's location. (unlocked at level 14)
    Search & Destroy - No respawns..plant the explosives at A/B or defend. (unlocked at level 14)
    Headquarters - 2 teams fight to destroy the Headquarters, 250 points aka 250 seconds on HQ (unlocked at level 14)

    I am on level 39 I think and I have never seen Capture The Flag, Domination, Sabatage, Search And Destory, or Headquarters.

    I havent beat 1st player mode (yet) but I am almost there. I am more interested in multiplayer modes. But I see all these people playing Capture The Flag and other versions of the multiplayer online and i am thinking... do i eventually need to unlock it ot what? The above guide says a lot of new online modes unlock at level 14. But I am way past that. ??????


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    we also dont have Zombie nazi mode xD, but wii does have capture the flag, the rest nope, unless they recently added it in a update

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    at what level do you unlock the capture the flag??

    also i noticed xbox and ps3 have different levels we dont have on wii


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    dont remember =\

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    You know... I'm not even sure CoD:WaW even exists for the Wii.. I mean that somewhat jokingly btw. I've seen it in stores. I've seen it peer reviewed on the internet. But Gamespot doesn't have a rating or review up, it just says the release date which was almost a month ago. And there's so much conflicting information out there on the internet. It's kind of weird.

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    overall its fun somewhat, i would play but the loading makes me sad =[

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    no nazi zombies? that's lame

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    they have to scale down the game, and what would you remove first?

    story or bonuses xD

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    Yeah instead of taking some of the singleplayer no one really cares about they take out the multiplayer aspects. Multiplayer has proven time and time again where games get longevity.

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    well, think about it like this, people play games for stories, thats important so they kept it, ideally they would have a Multi and a single disc, but thats too hard for them to figure out xD

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