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Thread: Black Screen 4.3U,,, system offline,

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    Black Screen 4.3U,,, system offline,

    Hey guys, hopefully this is a stupid question and someone can please point me in the right direction. I have a new red wii 4.3 sys menu, I followed the guide using the Yu-oh-gi guide.
    Kind of woke up from taking a nap with my son before he went to bed and came down and decided to tackle the new wii, not a good idea. As I forget to load my system onto the internet so I had a connection.
    I loaded everything as normal, loaded up all the wads and they loaded fine.
    i loaded priiloaded and changed my hacks as too what I wanted.
    As I tryed to go to system menu to get started on loading up usb loader, screen comes up saying 4.3U.
    I can get into priiloader and load into bootmi iso.
    Any help and quidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much

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    disable the force recovery menu hack (or something similar) in priiloader
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