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Thread: BACKUP ISO's

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    So if I am understanding correctly, a backup ISO of a Wii title can report that it is 4.7Gb in size (or larger) when in fact it might be substantially smaller. Is WiiScrubber then the utility for removing the padding, and is it as simple as locating the ISO and clicking a button to strip this data or is it a bit more complicated than that?


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    Very few games may still be that large even after scrubbing but yes, games can be even smaller as a .wbfs format than a .iso.. personally I'm not familiar with WiiScrubber, but I use something else. It's a non-gui program, but basically all you do is drag and drop the .iso file on top of the .exe file, simple as that. ...

    Here is a quote from another forum on how to use it, if you're interested.. the program converts .iso to .wbfs and puts the game name in a correct format so cfgusbloader (and possibly any other loader, I only have experience with cfgusbloader) can recognize the game.

    "Put wbfs_file.exe from ... in the same directory as the batch file and drag and drop the directory containing your ISOs on it. Specify the target, done."

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    That's pretty streamlined. What is that, 2 steps? Not much room for error.



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