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    My son installed an app, so that I could install Wii games on my USB, which I then install in my Wii and with Homebrew I could play those games. I had to rebuild my machine and I can't remember what app that was. I think it takes an ISO and converts the format and directs output to the USB. I can't read the flashdrive, from my PC, which as I remember it was right, but can't for the life of me remember what GUI app it is that does this conversion. I am running 1.4U TIA

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    you're looking for a usb loader.
    Not sure which one as there's more than one.

    configurable usb loader
    usb loader gx
    neogamma (don't think it rip wii games though)
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    Come to the conclusion that my son is worthless. Still can't find the USB loader. Seems to me it was two seperate processes, but damned if I can remember. :-)

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    Are you talking about a PC app like WBFS Manager?
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