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Thread: Recommended Media for wii

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    Recommended Media for wii


    I used LG DVD-R 16X and Laser DVD-R 16X both not worked with d2sun v1.5

    (1(jap version game) disc the game channel appeared but when I click start just black screen, another 2(kor version game) discs nothing on game channel.)

    is this chip problem or media problem?

    I ordered ritek g05 dvd-r 8x

    Will ritek one will be worked?

    I'm worried about blank media for will.

    Thank you for read.

    Kind Regards,

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    media not a big deal, most use verbatim, they just have different affects on the laser

    try 2 and 4x, and some games have required updates, so that might be why the jap didnt work, the Ritek should work


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