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Thread: USB Hard Drive Problems

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    USB Hard Drive Problems

    I recently purchased secondhand a black Wii with 4.3U installed on it. I have installed Neogamma, Wiiflow, and other channels without an issue.

    For the past week, I've been playing with my games on an 8GB USB thumbdrive and haven't run into any issues. I decided to try putting my backups on my 100GB Seagate Momentus 5200.2 laptop hard drive, which I connected to the Wii with a USB adapter. The drive typically requires no additional drivers when used with Windows, OS X, etc. but that obviously may not apply here.

    I formated the drive with the newest version of the HBFS Manager using Windows XP. The formatting only took a split second, which surprised me. Using the manager, I placed several games on the drive.

    The Wii sees the games on the drive in both NeoGamma and Wiiflow. When I play the games, they start normally, and then freeze a few seconds in, usually when a video or something starts (like the MGM Lion roaring it's head at the beginning of Goldeneye.) Please note, that games ran perfectly off my USB thumbstick. this drive simply too slow and/or incompatible with the Wii? Could it be something else?

    When you phrase your reply, please remember that I am a complete and total newbie with this stuff. The last thing I softmodded was an original xbox some time ago, and I felt that was easier than this.


    Not sure if this could be related or not but...
    Using PimpmyWii (which was recommended at another large Wii forum, but I see is often warned against here), I tested my IOS files. It gave me the following info:

    Loading best IOS found (250). This IOS is able to DOWNGRADE revision of ios and is able to install TUCHA signed ios (perfect). Reload IOS 250 ok

    IOS 37 Trucha bug fixed

    You have at least one IOS missing, outdated or with trucha bug fixed...

    Also...and once again, before I knew how many people recommended against PimpMyWii on this site, I did try and do a basic install. It came through with:

    IOS202 v65535 (5.1)(used IOS 60 v6174)
    not installed

    IOS222 v65535 (5.1)(used IOS 38 v3867)
    not installed

    IOS223 v65535 (5.1)(used IOS 37 v3869)
    not installed

    IOS224 v65535 (5.1)(used IOS 57 v5661)
    not installed

    IOS249 v20 (used IOS 38 v4123)
    not installed

    IOS250 v65535 (used IOS 57 v5918)
    not installed

    Press A to return to menu

    I'm not sure if those IOS's were installed previously or not. I originally used the HackMii installer with IndianaPwns
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    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for the help everyone!

    and Krank, for the record, for some reason the Edit Post button doesn't work on any of my computers here. It's just hangs and loads. I'm running a 6 Mbps connection, and don't have trouble on other forums. Of course, is still likely a problem on my end, although I can reproduce it on 3 computers. That's why I added the info to a second reply.

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