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Thread: I've been a muppet - GX Loader cIOS222 Black screen! HELP!!

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    I've been a muppet - GX Loader cIOS222 Black screen! HELP!!

    Hi All,

    Noobie here (and certified idiot/luddite).

    I've got a Wii running GX Loader V1 with a hard drive full of games. It's been working great for over 12 months! I even managed to install the Black Ops update and it worked!!!

    However my talent/luck ran out when for some reason, I changed my GX Loader setup to boot from cIOS 222 rather than the 249 (where it worked perfectly!) - don't ask, I was messing!

    I now have a black screen after clicking on GX Loader from the Wii menu frown.gif

    Please please PLEASE how do I get it back - I've jsut had to send the kids to bed as they can't play on it!!

    I'm hoping it's something I can do on the SD card.....<fingers crossed>

    Thanks in advance,


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    well, you can delete the config files, but that'll wipe out all configuration...
    what revision are you using?
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