Hey guys its me again I had sometime this weekend and decided to redo my app

I know that all the real devs think its just a glorified batch and I dont disagree but I made this to help out the noobs

I hope it helps some of you out

I am still learning and have started rewriting the sneek code to display the cover in the sneek menu

Since I am still learning it will be a long time until I get something that works, if anyone would like to help me pm me and

Ill send you what I have so far.

well SneekyCompilerv3.0 here SneekyCompilerv3.0.rar

I took out everything but the Sneek/Uneek download and compiling

Added some checks on startup

I would like to thank all the guys that have been helping this noob out
Crediar(for sneek)(never really talked to him)
and anyone else I forgot to mention

if anyone wants the source fell free to pm me for it and I will send it to you