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Thread: What hard mod do i have???

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    What hard mod do i have???

    i purchased wii couple years ago sent to a man to get chipped sent back as was to new for chip had to wait for new chip which i was led to belive wii2 chip

    worked fine but havnt played for couple of years now original backups work fine but new dosnt downloaded wii2 upgrade only to get no wii2 chip installed!!

    tried wii1 1.9x upgrade loads check to 100% but then told error

    serial LEH 15966176


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    You have to open your console to find out... take out 4 screws holding your dvd drive and flip drive over carefully to expose the bottom of your dvd drive. You will see the chip once you turn the drive over.

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    Just open it up.
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    Once you safely (Joostin) open up your Wii, compare whatever's installed against this thread.


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