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Thread: why do all my online wii games freeze? please help.

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    why do all my online wii games freeze? please help.

    hey world
    i have looked and searched everywhere and i cant find an answer at all

    a year ago i got my wii softmodded at a computer swap meet

    they added the hbc neogamma r6 and a loader that lets me add games to my hdd.

    ONLINE GAMES WORKED FOR OVER A YEAR! i never really added new games until recently i had to update my ios and neogamma i now have neogamma r9 and whenever i go to play an online game mario kart cod 3 4 5 or 6 it lags right up and freezes every 5 to 10 seconds constantly for the entie online session.
    i made a post and they said i should use wiiflow i installed 1.1 with a forwarder. i use wiiflow now, but still online is a dud i am 100% sure it isnt my connection my ps3 and pc have super fast speed. can anyone help me please i cant find an answer.

    the hbc says im running ios 61 is this okay? how do i make it run ios 259 base 57.
    every time i use waniko it says im still using ios 61 and i cant get wads to load on it so network is my only option.
    and also my neogamma r6 and the usb loader dont work anymore is this because im using a newer ios?

    does anybody know why it freezes?
    all games work it's just online that freezes. no my wii isnt bricked. and no i have perfect internet.

    can i reset all of my modifications and start again?


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    you have allready made a thread on this subject please edit or delete the old post or be patient and wate for someone to reply
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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