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Thread: NAND backup/Updating Wii

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    NAND backup/Updating Wii

    1.Hey, i was wondering i am on 3.2U and i wondering if its worth updating to 4.3? and how to safely do it

    2.If i do is it possible once i update could i restore my nand via Bootmii to have all my other hacks.

    3. what does nand backup (like ios's channels, apps, save data, etc...)

    Please answer with 1,2,3 by how i numbered them

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    2.No bootmii gets updated,you have to reinstall it to do the nand restore
    3.Its like a restore point for your wii,it will put it back to the state when you made the back up (only if you have it installed as boot2)

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    1. Why would you do that? The last "legitimate" update was System Menu 4.1 (added a bug fix for Sports Resort); 4.0 and up added support for SDHC. System Menu 4.2 and 4.3 exist solely for further draconian anti-piracy countermeasures. Also, to softmod 4.3 would require one of only four retail/original games.

    2. Come again? See #1.

    3. NAND backup is like a "snapshot picture" of your Wii at the time of the NAND backup.

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    Thanks, to both of you, I didn't Know how Fast you would respond!!!

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