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Thread: Gecko O.S Version 1.9.3 IOS Switcher?....

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    Gecko O.S Version 1.9.3 IOS Switcher?....

    Im using Gecko O.S v. 1.9.3 I live in the USA and Im trying to load hacks through my wii [which i've done before] but for some reason I think someone on my wii messed with Gecko O.S and now it says... "Using IOS 249" and I know Most Games use IOS 36, if not all but I know there is some way to change it back to IOS 36 but that I have no clue on how to do it, Oh and I almost forgot MY WII VERSION IS 4.1 So if any could help that would be very much appreciated thanks! . . . .

    Please help if you can =(.
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