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Thread: Why would USB Loader GX work but CFG doesn't?

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    Why would USB Loader GX work but CFG doesn't?

    I partitioned/formatted a 500GB drive last night and was dismayed that Configurable USB Loader doesn't recognize my drive... but then when I tested USB Loader GX, they showed up just fine (as long as I plug in the hard drive after I launch USB Loader GX).

    I don't really care, as long as one works, but why would this be?

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    What CFG version do you have?

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    Now it (CFG) freezes when it tries to load, but from what I could tell, it said v5.8, then 249 underneath that.

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    try at least v60.
    v61 has been released and v62 has alpha released...
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    Thanks... that was after it gave me the option to update CFG and I chose to update it. Guess it obviously didn't update... will try updating from PC rather than from within the Wii this time.... thanks much!!


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