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Thread: Do these guides still work?

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    Do these guides still work?

    I love how this site has such a strong and dedicated community for diy'ers for the wii system, but the xbox 360 part of this site has like barely any....Does anyone know if the guides that already here are good for xbox 360's still? These guides are like 3 years old now, and i dont' really have a 360 to check if these guides are still working. If some one could respond, i'd really appreciate it.

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    have u opened ur 360 to see what type of drive u have ?

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    If you ain't got a 360,why you bothered.Yes i can say my sticky and Richardsito's apps/info has all the recent and up to date info you would need to know toflash a 360, or if theres any other info you want to know just post and i'll help or direct you to what your looking for if i can.


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