First time posting here so please forgive me if Im posting this to the wrong place.

Last week I softmodded my 4.2 wii and everything went very smooth and right by the walk thru. This week I decided to try the same thing with my 4.1 using the same walk thru but different set. I used the 4.1 walk thru tho listed on the sme page as the 4.2.
I managed to get HBC and Priiloader as well as the other software used in hacking the 4.2.
Nothing worked, the wii stil wouldnt play my backup games, gave error 1667 dvd error. So after going over the walk thru to see if I missed anything I dicided that the only option would be to clean it up and start all over. I fould a walk thru ( Complete Wii Softmodding / Hacking Guide, Part 2: Setting Up Some Random College Student's Blog ) and started following it as explained. I did the downgrade from 4.1 to 3.1 and it downloaded and installed as a success, untill I restarted the wii, nothing but a black screen, the green light comes on, but the screen never changes, only black..
I then used a different sd card and loaded bootmii.ini and the other files back to this card, inserted it into the wii, and held the reset button, nothing nothing nothing.

Just the black screen, I never got an error b4 this happened other than the errpr 1667 dvd read error.

Can anyone please help me?