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Thread: USB Loader "freezing" on startup

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    USB Loader "freezing" on startup

    I've been using usbloader with an external drive for almost 2 years now, no issues.

    The other day I added a lot of games to the HDD, and now when I start USB loader, it freezes and gives me a black screen. I'm using the proper (bottom) usb port, and same usb cable as before. The drive is fine also, as I checked it's smart status and ran an error test.

    I completely backed up and reformatted the drive, and put a game on it that I know works, still freezing =(

    Any ideas what I can do?

    thank you!

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    how is the drive formatted?
    Is the loader installed as a channel or a forwarder?
    At what point does it freeze?
    and is it an all black screen or is it a code dump?

    You may want to check your network connection, I had a problem where i accidentaly enabled auto init network, then removed my network settings so whenever i started usb loader, it froze on me.

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    thanks so much for your help. The drive is formatted via WBFS manager. the loader is a channel. it freezes right after i select it from the wii menu, and the screen goes black and stays black. I lose remote control function as well, and need to hold the wii power button to get it reset =(

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    Have there been any other changes aside from adding games? Moved to a different room? I know I've got an ongoing random problem where my Wii refuses to work at a friends house but works fine at mine. Just a thought.

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    Nope, absolutely no changes besides adding about 6 games.

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    I think I'm going to upgrade my CIOS to v19, and format as fat32. It's been awhile since I've upgraded my soft mods anyway. I'm also on 4.1U

    Is there any other upgrades you guys recommend? I'm coming from the time of CIOS v13/14

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    Turns out my SD card was corrupted. Man!

    So now I'm wondering, is there any way I can install usb loader GX and a gamecube backup loader of some kind as a channel on the wii memory? SO I don't even need to deal with the sd card?


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    Follow the usb loader gx link below

    Use the search for a gamecube guide by stomp_442

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    Look in my signature for a link to the Gamecube guide, you will need a SD card for that guide.

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    You guys are the best. I've decided to keep using the SD card for easy updatability.

    Everything is working fine now, the SD card is actually bad itself. I'm getting a bunch of read errors and formatting issues on my PC. Time to call in that lifetime warranty =)

    thanks everyone!


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