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Thread: Harry pother deathly hallows

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    Harry pother deathly hallows

    Hi im using a 4.1e softmod wii,neogamma r9 23 and usb gx loader,cios rev17 38,all my softmod is upto date but i get the game to crash at the profile selection,is there another app i need to use please?

    thanks in advance

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    You may need to update your cIOSx to rev20. If you check out mauifrogs Softmod Any Wii guide, it will set up rev20 in slot 250. Then if you use CFG USB Loader you can set all games to use 250 and not 249. This leaves rev17 in 249, which has high compatibility for NAND emulation like triforce.
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    thanks very much for the info,ill try that .


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